The ins and outs of the violin classes Singapore

Whether it is in the mortal form of the great Albert Einstein or the fictions of Sherlock Holmes, the violin has always teased human emotions with its soft and power-packed melodies and tenderness. It has become the most delicate instrument in the last decade for all music lovers. The violin plays a pivotal role in the making and thriving of the orchestra as a commercial dogma.

Violin classes cater to the need of those music enthusiasts who wants to join the elite club with the help of all the trained teachers. This course will help students launch a career in the music industry and serve the great cause of music.

Course overview

Violin classes provide the perfect platform for students who want their fair share of experience in the music industry and take a leap of faith towards a prosperous career. First, however, students must be aware of the overview of the course.

Position of the sitting

Sitting posture is the essential thing to learn even before performing or learning about chords. Without the perfect sitting posture, students won’t be able to hold the violin correctly, affecting their performance. In addition, students must be in their best sitting posture to perform comfortably whenever they live and in front of an audience.

Violin class Singapore has been delivering all the necessary guidance for students from different backgrounds. Sitting correctly is a rudimentary skill for all the students. This institute will teach tricks and techniques, how to handle the violin well, how to sit so that it will be comfortable to perform and interact with the audience etc.

Straitening the right hand

After the sitting posture, the choice of the ‘right hand is the key to success. In cricket, for any batsman, their bottom hand is the main hand for them. It creates bat speed and holds the posture properly. In violin, choosing the ‘right hand is essential, and violin classes focus on this matter with utmost seriousness. With the proper choice of the ‘right’ hand, students will get their lessons cover up reasonably quickly.

Taking care of the instrument

Maintenance of the musical instrument is as essential as playing it. Without proper care, all these expensive instruments will lose their effectiveness, and it will hamper the students’ performances.

Violin class Singapore provides the necessary guidance to maintain all these instruments correctly.

Course details

There are primarily four types of courses available in this institute, and all of them are perfect for respective students.

Violin courses for beginners

This is an elementary course designed for those students who do not have any experience in the music industry. Students, especially adults, did not receive any formal education about the music industry. That is why violin classes paved a path for these students to make them aware of the basics of violin play.

There are a total of 7 chords in violin. A major, D major, G major, F major, A minor, E minor, and B minor are the seven primary chords of a violin, and students must learn all these chords to perform well.

Violin classes for kid’s

For the theta, consciousness kids observe and analyze everything they see and hear. All those information is constantly in entanglement with each other on their mind that ponders thousands of questions. So children can learn something with their curiosity pretty fast, and their creative part of the brain will be active and running efficiently.

Music lessons provided by violin lessons Singapore also enhance the mind and soul of the kids. It will instill discipline and patience into them, and it will help them grow their character.

Violin classes for adults

Adults are the attention seekers of society, and they are in dire need of appreciation all the time. They need extra care, especially in their difficult period of life, and they prefer one-on-one interactions with a person they trust. That is the reason they opt for this course and always looking for validation from their teachers.

Violin lessons cater to the dreams of millions of youths to find their true identity and manifest a healthy lifestyle for them. This course will drive them to achieve their highest potential.

Private violin lessons

This is the modern savior of the music world. Violin lessons Singapore has committed their finest teachers for this task, and they are doing a tireless job to meet both ends. After the advancement of technology, people tend to privatize their day-to-day activities and learn with teachers who will give them absolute attention.

In the modern online world, people tend to live their life in a private mode. That is the reason why many of them are opting for this type of course.

Questions to be asked

Before delving into the course, students must ask thoughtful but necessary questions to the authority to clarify their doubts. Here are some questions that are essential to ponder upon before taking any decision.

What will be the price?

Violin classes and their courses face the universal question of price. Therefore, this institute has the motto to bring affordable courses for students from different economic backgrounds. These courses are available cheaply and both offline and online.

All the courses have discounts, and students will get additional scholarships for their smooth careers.

What are the benefits of this?

Art has no fixed path, and it can take any form or shape. Pursuing art is one of the highest successes in humanity. By learning violin, all these students will take part in that highest order of success and launch a career with thousands of benefits.

Other than that, in the music industry, there are thousands of benefits of this course. Violin class Singapore will add a new horizon to all the students to thrive in their careers.


In modern times all the powerhouses of music industries are delivering quality music by just increasing the use of violin. Violin now is at the pinnacle of the music industry, and it will continue to be there in the foreseeable future. Violin is one rare gem of music that elevates the soul and makes it lighter than light.

Violin classes provide all the students who are enthusiasts and trying to participate in the vast universe of music. In that magical journey, this institute is helping them to reach their most genuine potential.

Stradivari Strings was established in response to the need for top quality music education, as well as for superior quality music instruments in Singapore.